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1. General

Orders placed with us are subject without exception to the following terms and conditions, which supersede and replace all clauses printed or manuscripts appearing on all letters and documents of our customers. Telephone orders are only accepted under the responsibility of the customer.

2. Delivery - Visible defects and nonconformities

All our products, even shipped free of postage, travel at the recipient's own risk, who must, on arrival, control the quantity, be aware of the quality and their good condition before taking delivery and exercise directly any appeal against the carrier in case of damage or missing. We strive to meet delivery deadlines as much as possible. However, deadlines are communicated without commitment. In no case, a delay of delivery of can give him to a compensation or cause a total or partial cancellation of the order. In case of force majeure preventing the normal execution of the order or if impossibility not attributable to ourselves or to our suppliers as a result of disturbances either in our operations or in transport, by shortage of raw materials or conflict of any kind (customs measures, legislative provisions ...) we reserve the right to postpone the delivery, without the customer being able to assert any rights whatsoever. This condition is also valid in the event that such events occur on the originally scheduled delivery date. Without prejudice to the measures to be taken vis-à-vis the carriers, the complaints about the visible defects or the non-conformity of the product delivered to the ordered product must be formulated by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed exclusively to our head office in the eight days of arrival of products. All product returns must be the subject of a prior written agreement from us. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer unless prior written agreement from us.

3. Deadlines

Delivery times are given as accurately as possible without any guarantee from us Any postponements and / or late delivery can not give rise to any compensation, nor justify the cancellation of the order unless the postponement and / or delivery delay does not exceed 7 working days compared to the deadline announced when sending the order . In case of difficulties of supply with our supplier, we will be able to cancel the contract and will be exempted from our obligation of delivery.

4. Fortuitous event and force majeure

In case of occurrence of an event force majeure (in particular, this list is not exhaustive, in case of accidents in the factories, lack of manpower, strike, riots, wars, political events, irregularities of delivery in the raw materials), we will be able to suspend or terminate our commitments or extend the agreed delivery times, without giving any right to any compensation for the benefit of the buyer.

5. Price

Our prices exclude VAT, ex warehouse, unless otherwise stated in our proposals or our order acceptances. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the shipping costs to be borne by the buyer and are added to the price indicated. Our products are billed at the current price on the day of the order.

6. Regulation

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, our invoices are due to the order. However, the company will be able to benefit from a payment facility after agreement with our partner Cash in Time, by providing its SIREN. In accordance with the provisions of Article L.446-1 of the Commercial Code, in case of late payment, a penalty calculated at a rate equal to three times the legal interest rate will be applied by the mere arrival of the due date, without any reminder or prior notice is required.

7. Warranty

We attach the utmost importance to giving our customers complete satisfaction by the irreproachable quality of our products. All our products are guaranteed against any defects of construction or defect of manner for a duration granted by the manufacturer. Changes made to the design or manufacture of a product prior to delivery do not give rise to any claim. In addition, our responsibility can not be engaged in case of technical errors of assembly (the assembly of the products not being our responsibility), of defective maintenance, use of improper lubricant, overload or other cause which we is foreign. In any case, the guarantee can not be exercised beyond the replacement of the defective goods to the exclusion of any compensation. Parts or parts replaced under warranty become our property and must be returned in exchange for the replaced part that is the subject of the warranty obligation by our company.

8. Retention of title

ALL OUR SALES ARE CONCLUDED WITH RESERVATION OF PROPERTY. As a result, the transfer to the buyer of the property of the goods sold is suspended until full payment of the principal price and interest, if any. In case of delivery of a check or bill of exchange, the payment will be deemed made only at the time of the actual receipt. In case of non-payment on the agreed due date, we reserve the right to demand the immediate return of the goods at the expense of the buyer and / or to implement the resolutive clause. The risks are borne by the buyer upon delivery of the goods, being reminded that the goods travel at the risk and peril of the buyer. This property remains even in case of transformation or assembly of the product by the user. In the event that our products are seized, the customer is obliged to inform us without delay and to bring us full assistance in order to allow us to carry out any action in claim that we reserve to bring. < / p>

9. Right of retraction

The article L121-16-1 of the Consumer Code extends the rules applicable to the relations between consumers and professionals, to contracts concluded between two professionals when the object of these contracts does not fall within the main activity of the professional sought and the number of employees employed by the latter is less than or equal to five.

The right of retraction between professionals is only applicable when the following three conditions are met:

  1. the contract must be concluded off-premises,
  2. the subject of the contract must not fall within the main business scope of the business,
  3. the number of employees in the company must be less than or equal to five.

When all three conditions for the implementation of the right of withdrawal are met, the business customer can withdraw within fourteen days.

The starting point for the withdrawal period is the day:

  • of the conclusion of the service contract,
  • the receipt of goods as part of a contract for the sale of goods.

The right of withdrawal does not apply in the cases cited by article L221-28 of the Consumer Code

10. Jurisdiction

By express agreement, any dispute will be brought to the choice of Mr Bernard GREGORY, either before the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Poitiers, or before any other who could be competent. Domiciliations of effects and our acceptance of regulations do not bring novation or derogation from this attribution of jurisdiction. No contrary clause of the customer can derogate from this clause attributive of jurisdiction if it is not accepted by us expressly and in writing.

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